Music VR was prepared at the Sydney Vislab virtual reality research centre and Time Space Texture studios between 1998 and 2002. The three 3D animations included on this DVD were originally prepared as part of doctoral research into the integration of 3D sound and 3D graphics. Central research concerns included music composition involving moving sound sources and a consideration of mental imagery elicited by listening to this spatialised music. Once wearing headphones or immersed in a correctly calibrated speaker enclosure, audio-visual objects play themselves out around you in a sequence of shifting virtual worlds.


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  5.1 Calibration


All four programs have two audio options - either DTS encoded 5.1 audio or stereo / binaural. The 5.1 audio options in Heisenberg and Schwarzchild were prepared using the unique "Pan" 3D 5.1 sound spatialisation system. The binaural audio track for Heisenberg was prepared using Csound's HRTFer binaural encoding opcode, while Schwarzchild's binaural track is the output of a Lake-Huron 3D sound system.

Schwarzchild was rendered with two cameras and is intended for viewing with red -blue anaglyph stereoscopic glasses. Each DVD has a pair of these glasses enclosed with which to view this animation stereoscopically.

Instructions For Use

The Music VR DVD will display two menus upon loading. The first is the "Audio selection menu", and the second menu is the "Program selection menu". This second "Program selection menu" is the "Main Menu" to which you will be returned if you press the "menu" button on your DVD player at any time. If you wish to return to the "Audio selection menu" at any time you will need to eject the DVD, reinitialise the player and reload the DVD into the drive. Here is how to play the DVD:

1./ Load the MusicVR DVD in a DVD drive.

2./ Allow the DVD to deliver the first "Audio selection menu" without selecting the "menu" button on your DVD player.

3./ Choose from either "DTS 5.1" or "Stereo/binaural" audio. Stereo/Binaural is the default option.

4./ The "Program selection menu" will appear with which to choose an animation.

5./ Choose an animation from the four available. The first program is the default, and the DVD will play through all four animations in sequence if left uninterrupted.

PAL Format Only

The Music-VR DVD is now available for sale. Please note that this DVD has no region limitations. It is in PAL format only though. Many domestic DVD players and Televisions will play PAL format DVD's. If your computer has a DVD drive then you will be able to play it there if your domestic system does not play PAL DVD's. With this understood, and because the Music-VR DVD can be previewed so completely with the mpegs on this web site no refunds will be granted.

How to Buy

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