"Charybdis" - 2013 
Created inner procedural surface for "Charybdis" whirlpool effect (Large section between teeth rings). Various other procedural and simulated water effects. From "Percy Jackson - Sea of Monsters". 2013


2012 VFX Showreel
A collection of shots from various films to which effects elements have been contributed. Full Filmography here.  

2012 VFX Showreel

Procedural Contained Fluids
A presentation of a solution to the problem of how to create a large number of moving contained fluids. This presentation was originally given to the San Francisco Houdini User's Group which was held at PIXAR studios in October 2010. At time of writing the video has been watched over 24,000 times. Full page here:

Pixar Houdini Users Group ‎(2011)‎

"Heisenberg" - 2002
The last work completed as part of doctoral studies. Includes 3D sound generated with proprietary "Pan" 3D sound system. 

Heisenberg ‎(2002)‎

"Loucid" - 2001
Animated, recorded, mixed, mastered and performed Saxophone in this work. 

Loucid (2001)

"Schwarzchild" - 1999
An early experiment in designing audio-visual art for spatial reproduction systems. 

Schwarzchild ‎(1999)‎

Pan 3D Sound system demonstration
An early test of the Pan 3D sound system. This animation demonstrates not only sound positioning in 3D, but also a room that is changing size - which causes changing reverberation, and doppler shifted echoes.

YouTube Video