2007- 2009 – Bachelor of Computer Science (incomplete). Have completed Calculus 1-3, Linear Algebra, and 4 Computer Science units focusing on control structures, data structures, object oriented programming, RTTI and template programming in C++.

2004: Graduated Doctor of Philosophy in Music Composition from the University of Sydney. Research area concerned the integrated composition of spatialized computer music and 3D graphics for emerging virtual reality technology. Supervisor: Dr Gregory Schiemer. Assessors: Professor Barry Vercoe (MIT), Dr Bill Alves (Harvey Mudd College), and Dr Densil Cabrera (University of Sydney).

2001-2003: Visiting Research Fellow in Contemporary Music at Southern Cross University in Lismore, NSW, Australia. Researching spatial sound and computer graphics as part of ongoing doctoral studies.

1998 -2003: Doctoral candidate at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in Sydney, Australia.

1995: Completed "Enterprising Youth" Certificate in Business Management at Northern Metropolitan College of TAFE in Melbourne, Australia.

1995: Graduated Bachelor of Arts from University of New England, NSW, Australia, majoring in Music Composition with a minor study in Film and Television Production.