10-2010 – Presented “Procedural Contained Fluids” at Houdini Users Group at Pixar studios. Recording of presentation later released on the Side Effects Software “Go Procedural” Vimeo site: http://vimeo.com/18542939

4-10-2002 - Heisenberg performed at "Electrofringe" conference.

12-7-2002 - Heisenberg performed at "Liquid Architecture" conference.

8-7-2002 - Heisenberg performed at "Form Space Time" as part of the annual Australian computer music association conference.

6-4-2001 - Loucid performed on the ABC's "rage" an Australian music videotelevision program.

14-7-2001 - Loucid performed at Waveform 2001 - the annual conference of the Australasian Computer Music Association.

28-4-2000 - Schwarzchild performed at "Not Still Art" in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

6-9-2000 - Schwarzchild presented at "This is Not Art" at the Electrofringe festival in Newcastle, Australia. Performance followed by a presentation regarding its making and the art of Visual Music.

29-10-2000 - Schwarzchild performed at "Live Wires", University of Sydney, Australia.

8-10-1999 - Presentation: Schwarzchild-Abstract Electronic Music Theatre, Australasian Computer Music Conference, Victoria University, Wellington, N.Z.

10-11-1998 - Presentation: Lake and Houdini at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music at Australysis symposium, The Performance Space, Redfern, convenor. R. Dean.

5-7-1998 - Presentation: Evaluating New Tools and Techniques for Intermedia Composition and Production, Australasian Computer Music Conference, Australian National University, Canberra.

15-4-1995 - A collection of music, animation and digital video shown at "A Bird’s Eye View" exhibition of new media at Shiralee Saul’s "New Media Alliance" gallery on Melbourne’s Southbank.

20-5-1995 - Corporate video work "Opening Doors To The Working World", performed at Melbourne’s Town Hall.

1986 - 1995 – Various music production and performance.